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      BANDELIN - Ultrasonic devices.

              BEHR LABORTECHNIK - Equipments for environmetal analysis.

       BINDER - Heating and drying ovens, Incubators and other products..

     BOCHEM - Laboratory metal equipments and consumables.

          BOLA - BOHLENDER - Dessicators and other laboratory incubation cabinets.

                   BÜRKLE - Samplers, Pumps and Laboratory Plastic Labware.

                        BRAND - Liquid handling, life sience, volumetric instruments and general laboratory glass-plastic consumables.

        CONOSTAN - Biodiesel Standards, Viscosity Standards, Elemenst in Oil, TAN/TBN Standards, Flash Point Standards,                                    
        Particle Standards, FTIR Standards, Sulfur in Oil Standards and Chlorine in Oil Standards.

     Dr. Ehrenstorfer - Analytic Stadards.

         FRITSCH - Milling and Sieving Equipments.

                            GFL - Water Stills, Water Baths, Deep Freezers and Shakers.

     HEIDOLH - Magnetic and Overhead Stirrirs, Shakers, Homogenizers, Rotary Evaporators and Pumps.


               HEKA - Potentiostats, Galvanostats, Manipulations Systems, Patch Clamp Systems.

                 HETTICH - Laboratory Centrifuges.

     Inorganic Ventures - Analytical Standards.

      JULABO - Water Bath and Chillers.

   KNF - Vacuum and Compressor Pumps.

           LAUDA - Water Bath and Chillers.

   LGC - Organic Standards, Inorganic Standards, Soil Standards, Sludge Standars and Other Standards.

                         LUIGS NEUMANN - Manipulations Systems, Patch Clamp Systems.

    MUNKTELL - Filter Papers and Filtration Systems.

   NABERTHERM - Laboratory and Dental Furnaces.

     NALGENE - Laboratory Plasticwares.

              NEOLAB - Laboratory Plasticwares and Other Labwares.

       RESTEK - Chromatography Consumables.

          RETSCH - Milling and Sieving Equipments.

     SPECTRUMLABS - Laboratory Pruducts, Process Filtration Consumables, Chromatography Consumables.

    SPEX - Inorganic and Organic Certified Reference Materials.

     STERLITECH - Sterlitech Corporation is one of the largest producers and sellers of bench scale test equipment and flat sheet membranes used in research and development labs throughout the globe.

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